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Tyler the Creator is a well-known rapper, songwriter, and record producer who has gained massive popularity over the years with his unique style and sound. His music and fashion choices have inspired a large following of fans who want to emulate his style. If you’re one of those fans and want to know what Tyler the Creator is wearing these days, you might want to check out Drew Merch and Full Sent Merch. These are the two merchandise websites where Tyler the Creator often showcases his fashion choices. By visiting these websites, you can get a glimpse of his latest outfits, accessories, and other fashion items, allowing you to keep up with the latest trends and stay ahead of the fashion game.

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1. What brands does Tyler the Creator like to wear?

Multi-talented musician Tyler, the Creator, is renowned for his music, style, and originality. Tyler is renowned for his distinctive and diverse sense of style, which frequently incorporates loud prints, vivid colors, and unusual objects. Here are a few items that Tyler, the Creator, enjoys wearing:


  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star: Tyler, the Creator, has worked with Converse for a long time, and he has frequently been photographed donning the iconic Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers. Even his own versions of the shoes, which sport vivid hues, striking patterns, and his distinctive floral motif, are his creation.
  • Vans Shoes: Tyler, the Creator, has worked with the company multiple times, creating his unique takes on the iconic skate shoes. He has been spotted sporting boldly colored and printed Vans Old Skool shoes.
  • Drew House: a close friend of Justin Bieber, launched the streetwear company Drew Brand. The company is renowned for its relaxed, large forms and simplistic designs. Tyler has been seen sporting a variety of Drew clothing items, such as sweatshirts, sweatpants, and t-shirts. In fact, he even worked with the company to create his own apparel line, Drew x Golf Wang.
  • On the other side, Tyler’s use of the Full Send brand is more recent. The well-known YouTuber collective Nelk Boys started this company, which is renowned for its daring designs and irreverent sense of humor. Tyler has been spotted sporting a variety of Full Send clothing items, such as hats, sweatshirts, and t-shirts.


Both of these brands share Tyler’s sense of uniqueness and self-expression, which makes them similar. Tyler can stand out without being overly dazzling thanks to Drew Brand’s simple designs, and his sense of humor and personality are perfectly captured by Full Sent Brand’s bright and irreverent designs.

In the end, Tyler’s taste in clothing is only a small part of his entire creative vision. He constantly seems to be pushing the envelope and seeking out new forms of expression, whether it be through music production, clothing design, or simply hanging out with his pals. Fans of Tyler and his music have even more reason to respect him because of his distinctive wardrobe choices. If you have time, check it out; if you’re a Tyler the Creator devotee, let’s go to Drew Merch and Full Sent Merch right away.


2. Drew store:

  • Drew House iPhone case:

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If you’re looking for a new iPhone case, you might want to check out Drew House. They have a few different designs to choose from, and they’re all pretty stylish. I particularly like the black and white one.  Drew House is a new brand that’s been getting a lot of buzz lately. Their aesthetic is very minimal and cool, and their prices are pretty reasonable. I think their cases would make a great gift for any iPhone user in your life.

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  • Drew Bundle Oversized T-shirt Set:

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If you’re looking for some new, stylish, and comfortable clothing, then you need to check out the latest release from Drew Bundle. The Oversized T-shirt Set is perfect for those lazy days when you just want to lounge around or run some errands. The set comes with two shirts, one in black and one in white, both made from a soft and lightweight material. They feature a relaxed fit and crew neckline, making them extremely comfortable to wear. Plus, the oversized silhouette means that you can style them in a variety of ways. Whether you wear them with leggings or jeans, they’re sure to keep you looking cool and feeling comfortable all day long. So don’t wait any longer; head over to Drew Bundle and grab yourself a set today!

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3. Full Sent store:

  • Full Send Thank You Hoodie:

Full Send Thank You Hoodie - Full Send Merch Official FS 2212

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest in Full Send gear, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a brand new batch of Full Send Thank You Hoodies, and they’re better than ever. Made from our softest and most comfortable fabric yet, these hoodies are perfect for chilly days or lounging around the house. And of course, they come with the signature Full Send logo on the front. So whether you’re getting one for yourself or for a friend, you can be sure it’s the real deal.

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  • Full Send Liquid Metal Tee:

Full Send Liquid Metal Tee - Full Send Merch Official FS 2212

If you’re looking for some new, stylish, and comfortable clothing to add to your wardrobe, check out the Full Send Liquid Metal Tee. This shirt is made of a soft, lightweight material that is perfect for warm weather and features a cool, trendy design. The shirt is available in a variety of colors and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you.

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